Global companies face progressively complex business and technology changes every day. In this dynamic and changing business environment decision makers need to reduce the gap between the current scenario and the change required. Here HBG intervenes and assists to reduce this gap by providing customized research services to better understand, strategize, and act upon opportunities brought by change.

While HBG provides various research solutions to its clients, we have launched this new and unique solution called “HBGHUB” for quick research and advisory needs of consulting firms, corporations and researchers.

HBGHUB team specializes in recruiting global decision makers, industry experts and KOLs across industry sectors. With our ability to head-hunt experts that meet specific client requirements on experience, domain expertise and global coverage, we have delivered over 200 projects and recruited over 10,000 experts over the last 2 years.

Now simply log-in to our portal and you can, raise a project request, approve our quote and manage/track expert discussions from a single window. We have eliminated that hassle of exchanging 000s of emails to initiate a project or manage/track scheduled discussions.

So go on! Get started! You will be overwhelmed with our ability to find an expert that meets your exact specifications and use our tool to seamlessly manage and track your projects.

Recently Recruited Experts:

  • Geolocation Experts from the E-commerce industry
  • Marketing and Sales Experts from the Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Experts in the Logistics Industry with specific experience in rail road
  • Experts with experience in ALM/PLM technologies
  • Experts from the Fighter Aircraft Market
  • IOT Product Developers
  • 401K Experts across sectors
  • Experts in Cloud Computing